Black Coffee – New Chapter (Flashback)

February 17, 2019

After parted with Sugar, Coffee did not start immediately for another relationship. He tried to build and enjoying life; bought stereo sets, a TV and anything to make his life easier and fun. He didn’t have to go anywhere for pleasure or even hung out with friends.

Coffee continued to think that his single life is miserable, worked as usual at his office from 7 to 4. He lived in a small house only 5 minutes from work using public transportation, called Ojek.

He didn’t realize how it should felt more like heaven; living alone without anything or anyone disturb him, watching movies  or playing games until late and stay in the bed as long as he like on day offs. Nobody complained about not being bathed for two days straight because he was too lazy to wake up. He never went outside to chat with neighbors or any living and speaking things. He ordered food by phone or just walk a minute to get food.

Those moments that he misses everyday, today.

Starting this point, there will be only Coffee alone, no Sugar. As well as a black coffee should be.


February 7, 2019

September 11th, 2018
Sugar waved at FB inbox, Coffe waved back.

September 14th, 2018. Friday.
They met at the place where they met at first date, 9 years ago. A place called “Platinum”. The cafe has moved to other floor.
Had lunch together and cheers each other.

At some moments, they looked into each other’s eyes, then sighed.
Life has done so much, in both Sugar and Coffee.

Then they parted, as friends.
They might not see each other again, for good.

The Years after

December 23, 2011

Sugar went back to her home and Coffee has son to take care. Life goes on and they don’t want to turn back in time

The Sunset

June 11, 2009

Coffee missed Sugar so much..
He wished the best for her and her family, and he knew that they would not forget things that happened in their life, whenever they were together.


March 29, 2009

Their love, was not like every other love anyone can feel, it was the love of two teenagers that trapped in 30s body. They had same dream and same feeling but the responsibilty had forbid them to went on further; Sugar’s family. Coffee never wanted to see Sugar sad or her life tremble for their relationship.
When it happened, they knew that was the time their love must end.

Their fate was clear from the beginning, yet they were blind to see it and let the love overtook their sanity.
Finally, they were agree to end this story without hesitation and for good. They felt a great loss but they made a promise to each other that they will be just fine. He knew she would do her best to keep her family and he bid farewell to her.
“Good luck my dear friend, may your path shines as you walk to your destiny.. ” he said.

Coffee sat alone at the dinner table later that night, he looked up to the sky that was so clear after hard rain poured down to earth. He felt different since their separation. He thought he never feel alone anymore. He had good friends and they care so much, moreover he could smell Sugar’s Paris Hilton there. It warmth him even in that cold night.
To him, this journey of life would never be easier if he didn’t meet Sugar.
Now he is ready for whatever will come ahead. He thanks Sugar, and all his friends who always there to cheer him up.
No matter how cruel the things happen in his life, in his own world, he will keep live with it and see to the end.

This is the story about their love and their fate.
and that story has just finished.


March 8, 2009

They went to their hometown, a place called the Rain City, together on clear Saturday morning.
The city changes every day but the remains of their childhood were still there.
The school building, the traffics, the streets, the memories came back easily as they walk to their school entrance.
It was so lovely how the past didn’t go too far from their time. They took some pictures in front of the school gate.
“This would be perfect for our facebook page”, Sugar said and Coffee agreed.
They walked along the way they used to take a long time ago even they were never walking together after school.
Later on they had lunch at Kafe deDaunan. Sugar ordered Poffertjes, a Dutch food.
Coffee really loves it and agreed that the food was made in heaven, as he looked at Sugar at the heavenly Botanical Garden.
They were in love but the thunder sounded from the distance, so loud and they realized that it was time to end that lovely moments and back home, to reality.

Unforgettable and Unforgiven moment

February 23, 2009

They are in the middle of forest, so quite…

Coffee held Sugar’s hand, they were looking each other, their face were getting closer so close till Coffee could smell Sugar’s parfum.
So quiet….so Sugar could hear Coffee’s heartbeat
She closed her eyes and she felt a warm thing touched on her lips, Sugar responded it.
They were kissing…Just one kiss but the longest and most beautiful kiss that they ever had.
The world stop spinning around, so quiet….. the only sound they heard was the sound of some grasshopphers singing “ziiiiiiing……”

Lonely Coffee

February 7, 2009

7th February was not a good day for Coffee.
It was the day when his ex-fiancee getting married and Sugar had to cancel their plan because her son was sick and went to hospital. He felt so lonely and had none to share or cheered him up. He tried to finish the day alone. He had been thru worse situation before, why wouldn’t be that time?

Lovely Sugar

February 6, 2009

The memories came up in Sugar’s mind. She remembered every little thing that she spent with Coffee since their first meeting. She almost cancelled their meeting at platinum. She had a bad hair day, she felt not well-groomed, and her heart was beating faster. She smiled when she read massage from Coffee just couple hours after they met. First massage was “It is not enough, I want more…” and the next massage was “ Bless him….” (he mentioned his friend’s name that make them this close) and the next massage “It ain’t right…I miss u already”
Those were all just like “a magic” because Sugar felt the same way but she couldn’t express it to Coffee.

Coffee was such a good person. Sugar had been thinking why his fiancee left him, but sometimes life is so unfair. Sugar really wanna make Coffe happy but she never know how. His ex fiancee was going to be married soon with someone else. Coffee must be hurt, Sugar wanna hold him to cheer him up and make sure that everything would be just fine, “I’ll be right beside you whenever you need me” Sugar whispered it in Coffee’s ear

Sometimes Life is So Weird

February 4, 2009

How could they were falling in love? What was wrong with Sugar’s life. She had a perfect life already. Nice husband, two lovely kids (actually two lovely angels), good job with a good career path, good relation family… a wonderful life.

Sugar asked Coffee about it. He said there was nothing wrong with her life. She had a perfect life, and he was a bonus for her. Sugar never agreed with that, she never treat Coffee just like a bonus  because Coffee was not a bonus, he was part of her life

Sometimes Coffee had a crazy idea, he’d like to tell some people about their relationship. He wanted everybody know how happy he was, even with such weird condition.